Move in Crew 2014!

Founders! Do you want to help the incoming class of 2018 move into their residence halls? Do you have a passion for leadership? Then be sure to check out the application process to be a part of the Fall 2014 Move in Crew! Move-in Poster 2014

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Green Apple Days!


Poster Green Apple 2014 DIGITALCheck out these awesome programs, sponsored by the NYU Office of Sustainability!

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Eating Through Asia!

Founders! Make sure to check out the event below! This is an awesome, interactive, FOOD related experience, designed to teach people about Asian culture and cuisine! Eating through Asia_Poster

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Conversation with Laverne Cox and Janet Mock!

Founders! This is a little last minute but check out the flyer below for an AWESOME program tomorrow, Tuesday, March 11th! Laverne Cox, star of Orange is the New Black and Janet Mock will be leading a discussion sponsored by the LGBTQ Student Center! Make sure to RSVP using the link embedded in the flyer!


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Call for Interview Participants

Are you an undergraduate student who has experienced spirituality at NYU and willing to be interviewed?

Steinhardt Doctoral student, Anna Schmidt would love to speak to you about your experiences here at NYU! Here is the link to all information about the study and a short form to fill out if you would like to be a part of this study!


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ATTN! Social Media Scavenger Hunt!!!


By now you should all be aware of the Founders Hall Floor Cup, the inter-floor competition that is celebrating it’s first year here at Founders! As a reminder, the way the floor cup works is that by attending all hall programs, you earn points for both yourself and your floor! The floor and individual who have the most points at the end of the semester will win special prizesssss.

There is also a social media component to the Floor Cup, being unveiled RIGHT NOW! We present: The Social Media Scavenger Hunt! The rules are simple, as follows:

Every day for the next week (until March 10th) there will be a daily task to complete.  The task will be tweeted and posted on the Founders Hall FB group.  If you complete the task, they are all related to social media, you will win a point towards your individual and your floor’s total in the Floor Cup! Be sure to follow Founders on twitter (@lostandfounders) and check our FB page to be in the know about the latest scavenger hunt task!

If you have any questions about the rules of the Scavenger Hunt, please feel free to email RA Sam at  He will be happy to help you!

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Housing Re-Application Process!

Attention Founders! Please see the attached flyer below for important information regarding the Housing Re-Application process for next year. If you are intending on living in housing next year, it is very important that you pay attention to the deadlines, both in Phase 1 and Phase 2. During this process it is also very important that you check your NYU email regularly, as updates will be distributed from the Office of Residential Life and Housing Services over email. If you have any questions or concerns about the Housing Re-Application process reach out to your RA, they are here to help!


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“Saving Private Buildings”

Americans have always equated the concept of a new building as a better building.  But replacing buildings is a great strain on the planet creating a large portion of the world’s carbon footprint.  And, an all new environment does seem sterile.  We need a mixture of the new and the old.  But saving buildings is not easy.  Little David battling a large Goliath of real estate interests.  But, local preservationists win battles and an old but refreshed site can be more of an economic force than an all new building.

Come listen to Dr. Wayde Brown of Atlanta and FFiR Mosette Broderick of New York talk about battles they have withstood.

Followed by FREE supper for the first 10 to sign up.

Date & Time: Wednesday, March 5th from 6-8pm
Location: Third North C-3 Mini-Theatre

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Become A 2014 Welcome Week Leader!

Founders! Do you want to get involved in student leadership at NYU? Did you love your Welcome Week experience in 2013 and want to give back to the incoming class of 2018 in a similar way? Then become a 2014 Welcome Week Leader! We have one week left for students to apply to be a Welcome Week Leader for next week. Being a Welcome Week Leader is a great way to get involved, help build community, and help new students as they enter NYU. This is specifically a great way for students to get a involved as a sophomore (because many leadership positions are for juniors and seniors).

Applications are available here

Application Deadline is March 5th.

Check-out our newest video:


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Founders Hall Floor Cup: Instructions and Overview!

Founders! As many of you know we are hosting the inaugural Founders Hall Floor Cup this year! This is an inter-floor competition in which you can earn points for yourself and your floor by attending special all-hall programs and using social media while doing so! The floor with the most points at the end of the competition will win a very special, and nice, prize for their floor! Please see below for information regarding the rules of the Floor Cup!

1) Look out for this image on flyers and posters! Whenever you see this image on a flyer or a poster, it means that program related to that advertising is part of the Floor Cup. Attending these programs will earn you and your floor points proportional to the number of Cup Logos on the advertising. For example, a poster with three Cups is worth three points!cupLogo

2) USE SOCIAL MEDIA! In addition to attending programs with Cup Logos you can use social media to earn points during the Floor Cup! When you attend a Cup program, simply take a picture of yourself at the program. Then you can Tweet the picture to @lostandfounders and/or post it to the Founders Hall Facebook Group ( Each use of social media will earn you and your floor one point. So for example, if you Tweet and FB the same event you will earn two points. NOTE: WHEN YOU POST TO TWITTER AND FB PLEASE USE YOUR FULL REAL NAME AND FLOOR YOU LIVE ON. This will allow us to keep track of points in an orderly manner. If you have any questions about the use of social media during the Floor Cup be sure to email RA Sam:

3) Spread the word! Make sure to tell your other friends and floor mates in Founders about the Floor Cup! As the word spreads, you and your floor will have a better chance of becoming champions! Good luck, everyone!

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