In Case You Missed It: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Joanna Champion, the Founders Residence Hall Assistant Director, recaps this week’s premiere of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”

Mac Fights Gay Marriage
This season opener saw the return of Mac’s “tranny” ex…only she is no longer sporting any male parts.  She’s transitioned to a woman – AND is married to a man!  What response could Mac possibly have other than to begin a rage against gay marriage?  Meanwhile, all the talk of old loves and marriage sparks Dennis and Dee to reunite with old crushes – but because it’s Sunny, their former flames are now slightly gross and pretty weird.  However, we were lucky enough to get plenty of Dee’s now-famous dry heaves when she thinks about running into the most handsome guy from high school.  Meanwhile, Charlie and Frank decide to look into this gay marriage thing for themselves – after all, it comes with a few health insurance benefits.  Frank is resistant, until someone reassures him he won’t have to be “the woman” of the relationship.  I can’t think of two people I’d like to see get married more than Frank and Charlie.  Overall, the opening episode had the usual offensive style of Sunny, with a splash of social issues.  Gay marriage, sex changes…Sunny has it all.  Start watching now if you don’t already – it’s a show you can easily jump into anywhere!  Fun Sunny Fact of the Week:  “Sweet Dee” and “Mac” (Kaitlin Olson and Rob McLehenny) are married in real life and just gave birth to a boy, Axel!

Check back next week for another recap!

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