Wisdom from the 23rd Floor

Okay guys so face it as much as college is about classes, friends, and growing, it’s also all about food-especially if you live in NY. However, since you’re all freshmen, (and some upperclassmen who are in denial about getting older so become RAs instead and live in a freshman residence halls) you don’t have any kitchens. No worries though, because you guys have me, and my expertise of 15 years of cooking in the most oddest of cooking conditions. By the way I forgot to introduce myself, I am Anum by the way, and I’m the RA on the 23rd floor. Therefore, I will giving you all advice and tips on making crazy food creations in your rooms without having ovens or toasters, and just your microwaves. So today, I’ll just tell you the best way to save money when you want to make your own creations.

Dining Halls,-yes you read it correctly:

Firstly, you all have meal plans. This is great because you can actually create things out of the food they provide. Everyone’s tastes are different; some people like salt, but some people don’t. Some like it hot, others not so much (yes, I will use movie/pop song titles when I want toàIt’s a Founders thing). The dining hall chefs can’t cater everyone, thus most of you all find your food bland or the tastes extremely disproportional. However, the food is basically prepared for you to play with. YES, you can actually play with your food!


1. To Go Boxes

If you have meals left in the week get to go boxes. (Hayden and some other dining halls have been trying to go green so they use plastic containers, which don’t crumble by the time you get to Founders.) Thus, your killing two birds with one stone. (Though don’t let PETA know that your killing animals, that’s not nice).

2.Use the Salad Bar.

DUDEEE Chopped up vegetables, you can do so much with them. Take them into your awesome recyclable to go box that you got from Hayden because your being environmentally friendly and use them in that chicken pot pie recipe that I will be posting later on.

3. Everything is Microwavable.

Yes, you can put almost everything in the microwave and be able to cook or melt it, so nothing is off limits. (Except aluminum, because that just goes pop and you don’t want to burn down your room just yet. Pre-med people you know what I’m talking about).

4. Granola/Cereals

There’s so much of this at the dining halls and in such great variety. You can sprinkle them in your ice-cream that you might have at home. Or make a mix of the types you like, and use marshmallow (that you got from the dining hall and melted in the microwaves that you didn’t put aluminum in) as your glue. Then put them in your fridge, and voila you have amazingly non nutritious cereal bars at the price of one swipe.

5. Catsup or Ketchup? (Whatever you call it?)

Most diverse/variable condiment in the world, and there are other condiments (aka sauces, and not the other word that starts with the letters cond… that you can get from your RA). Use them and spices or dressings  you can get from the dining halls. They are really good at kicking the flavors up a notch in your food if used correctly.

So those were your initial five tips on how one can use resources at NYU to cook in your rooms; next time, I’ll give you an actual recipe!

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