“God Was in a Mood Today”

Nekesa Straker, the Founders Residence Hall Director, recaps last week’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”

Due to Thursday’s cable outage it’s taken a couple of days to catch up to the episode online but here we go…

The episode starts off with Meredith’s attempt to get cleared using mascara and fake tears. Yang is a bride and going with it. Random Burke conversation when an old patient returns (he really was one of the better characters). There’s still an air of craziness around the hospital, i.e. Little Grey. Her photographic memory is a bit out of whack but in the end she seems to be okay. Derek spends the night in jail thanks to his speeding addiction and at one point tries to convince others to join him until Meredith tells him like it is. Callie and Arizona are focused on redecorating. A flag football team comes into the hospital due to a lightning storm where they were all struck by lightning. Multiple men are fighting over a woman who in the end loves the round bald guy. Alex still has a bullet that constantly reminds Bailey of the attack and forces him to take it out. Yang heads back to surgery for the first time since the shooting. A knock over of a tray (hopefully next week we can talk more about the Avery character) leads her back to the shooting trauma and her operating on Derek. For once Meredith is useful and comes in to take care of Yang. Yang gives Owen back the ring and ends up at Meredith’s. Owen gives a nice speech where he lets Yang know that he’s not going anywhere. McSteamy is finally realizing his true feelings for Little Grey and was almost about to tell her until she asked him to leave her alone (I knew this week wasn’t going to be the week of the obvious prediction). Meredith finally admits her true feelings and fear about Derek dying and her pregnancy. McSexy and the heart doctor are enjoying each other’s company but I can kind of tell that he’s not going to last all season.

Next week: “You’re flaming out!” Fear is the enemy episode. Not sure what’s going to happen but it involves Christina and her fear of operating.

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