Restoring Sanity via RALLY

Are you fed up? Do you feel like someone needs to restore sanity to our great country? Do you feel like someone should hold a rally or something, just for that purpose? If those last three sentences describe you, then Jon Stewart is your savior. On Saturday, October 30, The Daily Show will be hosting the Rally To Restore Sanity down in Washington, D.C., and you’re invited! Join RA’s Nick and Zack for a day-trip down to the nation’s capital for the rally and an experience you won’t forget. Arianna Huffington (of Huffington Post fame) has pledged to provide free bus service for anyone in New York City who wants to go. For logistical reasons, the deadline to sign up is TOMORROW, FRIDAY OCTOBER 8, so get on it! Details on the itinerary will be provided in the coming weeks by the Huffington Post Sanity Bus to those who confirm their bus seat. If you do sign up, stay tuned for more information on how we’ll meet up and head down together. This is a truly unique opportunity, don’t miss out!

Sign up here:
(If the link doesn’t work, just Google ‘huffington post sanity bus’)
Read more about the rally here:

Remember, you can’t go if you don’t get your seat on the bus!

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