Wisdom from the 12th Floor

Raj Parekh, the RA of the 12th Floor, offers some tips on good running trails in NYC.

Tired of studying? Just need a stress-reliever? Don’t feel like lifting heavy weights?

Just GO for a RUN!

That still remains one of my favorite forms of workout to start my day or to simply feel better and more energized. And, over the last two years I have found a few great tracks to go running around in the city. Although, I must add that Zack (RA on the 8th Floor) would be a much better person to suggest running tracks, considering his obsession with running, here are a few of mine:

#1 East River Side!! : Make a right as you exit Founders, run east on 12th Street, and once you cross Avenues 3,2,1,A,B,C,D (God! I never even realized it was 7 avenues away :s) you will hit FDR Drive, which is the East Side Freeway and has a bea-yoo-tiful running track along the East River. Especially, in the morning times, I can assure you, the morning sun and the breeze can go miles to make you feel awesome. It’s happened to me; it can happen to you. Can I sound really cheesy and say “It’s a life-changing experience”!

#2 Hudson River Side! : Make a left as you exit Founders, run west on 12th Street, and once you cross (do you really want me to name ALL the avenues you’d have to cross?!) Avenues, blah, blah and blah, you’ll hit 10th Avenue, which is the Hudson River Side, which is absolutely as great as the East River Side (just a trifle bit farther, may I add?). It’s a great track to run along.

#3 Central Park! : ‘nuff said. Anywhere in the park is awesome.

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