Keepin’ it Classy: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Last week’s episode of Sunny dealt with the all-important issue of class – throwing around words like “white trash,” “country club,” and “greasing the watermelon.” There were some solid laughs – Charlie cutting off his jean shorts to demonstrate how flexible he is now (similar to Dennis is The Gang Gets Extreme: Home Makeover), Dee getting hit in the head with rocks thrown by “low class” children, and Frank greasing himself in butter so he can jump into a pool and have people fight to try and grab him. Sunny always makes sure you never feel too sorry for any character, no matter what happens to them. So while Charlie and Mac were certainly in a bit of a dire situation when they got stuck at the bottom of a swimming pool, they erased any sympathy when they were discussing how to get out. They decided to order delivery to have someone come rescue them, but Mac insisted it be pizza instead of Chinese so they could get a “giant Italian man” to help them. They refused to call Dee and Dennis for help, since they’d have to admit they were low class. Meanwhile, Dee and Dennis were also too proud to admit they were not allowed into the country club pool (made clear by guest star Regan Burns, an amazing comedy actor from one of my favorite gone-too-soon series on Comedy Central, Halfway Home). Overall the episode was not amazing, but the little moments make it worth it – Charlie’s delicate split, Dee’s bleeding all over herself, Mac’s proud morals – the gang keeps you laughing the whole time.

On a different note, it’s also becoming very clear how pregnant Kaitlin Olson is in the series – I personally can’t wait for the episode “Who Knocked up Sweet Dee,” or whatever they choose to call the one where they reveal her pregnancy! This time around, she had the towel around the waist and flowy shirts…she won’t be able to keep that up for long!

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