Rally to Restore Sanity!


The day is almost upon us: Jon Stewart’s Rally To Restore Sanity is this Saturday (October 30)! For those of you who reserved (and then subsequently reconfirmed) your seat on the Huffington Post Sanity Bus and were interested in heading down to Washington as a group, read on! [If you either didn’t reconfirm your seat, don’t want to go anymore, or don’t know what I’m talking about, you can just stop reading now.]

According to the confirmation details, we need to be at Citi Field and ready to go at 5:30 am on Saturday morning. In light of this, RA Nick and I will be meeting in the lobby of Founders at 4:30 am — be there on time if you want to go with us! Also, you will need to bring your own MetroCard, since that is how we are traveling to Citi Field. If you are concerned about getting separated from the group, you can email me at zag208@nyu.edu with your name and cell phone number so that we can contact you (this is entirely optional, and you can just tell me Saturday if you prefer).

In short: if you want to be part of the Founders group, meet in the lobby at 4:30 am sharp. See you then!


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