Wisdom from the 11th Floor

Hello. My name is Ramanjot Kang and I have a problem.

Well…not really…maybe?…I don’t what you would call it. Let me explain.

My room on the 11th floor just peers over the building across the street from Founders Hall, giving me a great view of Palladium and the obscure Con Edison building (whose clock hasn’t worked since Welcome Week…but that situation warrants a whole other blog post).

Anyway, nothing too special, right? WRONG!

My room also faces the homes of Tom Cruise, Julian Casablancas (from The Strokes), and a whole host of other celebrities that I have yet to find out about. Distracting much? If that wasn’t enough, try walking to class and running past Regina Spektor or Daniel Radcliffe. Somehow, I even manage to spot James Franco at the local Starbucks while trying to get my daily coffee fix. I know, it’s a bit much.

By now, you must already see my predicament. No? Let me spell it out for you. TOO MANY CELEBRETIES TO LOOK OUT FOR! Living in the East Village, I’m sure you’ve been victim to the same problem. Well, let me offer some advice that I have come upon through the only place that seems to have answers these days, google.

(1) First, don’t be a creep. Celebrities are people too. See a celebrity, cool. Tweet your friends, update your facebook status, text everyone in your phonebook. But whatever you decide to do, DO NOT try to get their attention. Flailing your arms and screaming their name at the top of your lungs is not going to do anything but make you look weird. Trust me, I know (and so does Zach Braff…long story).

(2) Second, keep a camera with you. You might be lucky and catch celebrities that actually seem nice in person. Take a chance, ask for a picture! After all, as it goes these days…if you don’t post proof on facebook, it really didn’t happen.

(3) Lastly, look out for notices for movie/television show shootings. A scene from Curb Your Enthusiasm was shot right around the corner in front of Think Coffee this summer and a scene from Gossip Girl was filmed across the street from Third North last fall. You never know what might be going on. It might be a Tisch student with a “handycam” or the next Spielberg movie. Keep a look out!

Well that’s all I have to tell you. Hopefully it helps you, and me, deal with this little celebrity problem we have going on in the East Village.

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