Wisdom from the 17th Floor

Logan Whiteside, the RA of the 17th Floor, offers some tips on grocery shopping in the city.

Because you are lucky enough to live in Founders, you are two blocks south of a grocery store mecca. You should take advantage of this fact. You have three options right around Union Square. Here are my thoughts:

Trader Joe’s (142 East 14th Street):

(+) CHEAP!!
(-) LINES! And as an extremely impatient person, I only go here during very random times.

Food Emporium (10 Union Sq East):

(+) Normal brands you can recognize.
(-) Your Lucky Charms will be much pricier here than they were in Jersey.

Whole Foods (4 Union Square South):

(+) Organic, healthy, all that jazz
(-) Outrageously expensive

In short, I would stick to the dining halls. But if you must venture out, only pick up as much as you can carry and go on a full stomach.

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