Wisdom from the 21st Floor

Katie Sylvester, the RA of the 21st Floor, offers tips on the best ways to visit Boston, Washington DC, and the Tri-State Area.

Getting out of this crazy city and going to a much more relaxing (and better) one, like Boston (no bias)? I suggest you do. Check out Lucky Star Bus or Fung Wah, thos infamous “Chinatown” buses. They go for $15 each way, and Lucky Star even has the occasional $1 deals! The bus stops are on Chrystie Street in Chinatown (a 5 minute walk from the 456 stop) so it’s easy access to and from the city and all (well, most) hours. Also, no need to reserve ahead of time—you can buy your ticket at the bus stop. The downfall is that the bus is often cramped, the bus resembles one of those you took to get to the Natural History Museum in 5th Grade, and there is no internet on the bus. For luxury trips to Boston and DC, try the excellent Bolt Bus. These trips go for about $15 each way, but they fill up fast so you need to book early! The leather seats are extremely comfortable, and the they are usually very good at keeping to schedule. However, the absolute best part is the outlets behind every seat and the wireless… You can Hulu, YouTube, and Facebook your entre journey. The downsides are that you MUST buy your ticket well ahead of time, and the internet isn’t the fastest in the world (but beggars can’t be choosers). Also, these buses pick you up midterm, so if you’re leaving or returning to NYC during a high-traffic time then be weary of the extra hour you’ll sit in traffic. Finally, there’s Megabus for trips to Boston/DC. Enjoy a ride on the second floor! Usually about $15 each way, depending on time and day. Each of these buses have their own pros and cons, but having taken all of them, I definitely say Bolt Bus is the way to go. The links to each of these are listed below. Also– going to the tri-state area? Don’t bother. But in case you have to go because you don’t have the luxury of being from Boston- check out Greyhound Buses. Avoid Port Authority during the wee hours though. It’s another place that makes this city, well… crazy.





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