Wisdom from the 6th Floor

You’re embarrassing. Yup, it’s true, officially official, so don’t try to argue, it will only make it worse.

Now, if that felt like swallowing the devil it’s probably because you’re not yet aware of your embarrassing qualities for one of two reason: your friends are too nice to inform you of this pitfall in character, OR they are just as, if not more, embarrassing.

To ease you into the light, the grandeur that is Nikolas Block, the 6th Floor RA (I want my Bellatrix door tag back) will help you out with some useful, NYU-oriented tips.

Number 1: It is HOUSTON Street! Pronounced HOW-STUN. Do not even try to argue and I don’t care if you’re from Texas. Learn it, live it, love it, and get over it!

Number 2: Just as it’s the “Subway” where we use “Metrocards” we DO NOT refer to the train lines as the blue one or yellow one. They have names people! You wouldn’t refer to your baby cousin as that pudgy thing (writer’s note: I would), so we graduate past our ability to identify colors and into letters and numbers. It’s not expected that you know all routes and stops, but just be knowledgeable in case foreigners ask for the nearest stop. Also, while in your room or other private arena, practice swiping your metrocard in the correct orientation. No one likes running into the Mary-Jane who caaaan’t quiiiiite swiiiipe . . . ah freaking finally! It’s all about the speed of the glide.

(P.S. The bus system is AMAZING so don’t be snobby and restrict yourself to subsurface travels)

Number 3: A more general item, do not be the class Hermione. Sharing is caring so give someone else a chance if you’ve already interjected throughout the class. It’s great, nay phenomenal if you read Plato’s Republic while in the crib, but as an institution abiding by equal opportunity, SHUT UP!

As a final note, these tips by no means make anyone embarrassment-free, but they hopefully have opened the door to admission, which is the first step. On the contrary, embarrassment can be fun and an easy icebreaker. So, be safe, be smart and remember to hold doors for people and say thank you. After all, New York is defined by a sense of togetherness—help others, and help others from embarrassment.

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