Wisdom from 13 Floor

Alicia Bell, the RA of the 13th Floor, offers some rainy-day things to do tips.

There are two types of people: those that are inspired by the rain and those who use rainy days as a VERY VALID reason to chill out and relax. I find myself oscillating between the two. Whichever type or combination of rainy day person you happen to be, there’s a lot to be done.

For those of us who REFUSE to leave our rooms when it’s wet out, there’s still a plethora of things to do.

1.     Sleep. Our lives are filled with papers and labs and problem sets and class a million days a week. Use rainy days to sleep. This may be hard for those of us who always need to feel productive, but remember taking care of yourself is the best way to assure that everything else in life goes right.

2.     After you wake up, order some food. No need to take a trip anywhere. Some nice, cheap restaurants nearby are S’MAC (www.smacnyc.com), 99 Miles to Philly (www.99milestophillyeastvillage.com), Blue  9 Burger (www.orderblue9.com),  and Yummy House (www.yummyhouse.com). These are only a few ideas. Make Delivery.com your friend on rainy days.

3.     Clean. It’s tough always staying tidy when NYU requires so much of you, so use these days to clean up. You’ll thank yourself the next time you want to invite someone over.

4.     Get crafty. Back in elementary school, we were all about the glue and the construction paper and the string. WHAT WENT WRONG? I personally believe rainy days are the perfect days to tap into the artistic side of us that we sometimes forget is there.

5.     And if the above three aren’t enough, just get some work done. Snuggle up in a blanket with a book or with your computer and be productive.

Even though there’s no NEED to leave on rainy days, there’s still a lot that can be done if you want to. I sometimes find myself needing to be extra productive no matter what the day is. If you’ve got the productive bug and don’t mind leaving Founders, here’s some ideas for you.

1.     (In Kanye Voice) “Get Them sit ups right!” Go to the gym. Not only is going to the gym great for our bodies, there may be less people there because of the rain. Being that rain has the tendency to get some of us down, endorphins from working out are the PERFECT pick me up!

2.     Museums. Museums. Museums. New York City has a ton of them. Even though you’ll have to brave the rain for a little bit, all the time that can be spent in a museum makes up for it. If you’ve been to the Museum of Natural History, the MET, the Moma, and the Guggenheim, try some alternative ideas to museum-scapades. There’s the Museum for Comic and Cartoon Art (www.moccany.org), Lower East Side Tenement Museum (www.tenement.org), and the National Museum of the American Indian (www.nmai.si.edu) just to name a few.

3.     Explore Grand Central Terminal. There’s shopping, restaurants, a market, and even guided tours. The 456 trains that take you there are only a hop skip and a jump away, so take advantage of the rain to explore underground in midtown.

Hopefully these are enough ideas to get you started and if they aren’t, just ask your RA. She or he is bound to have IDEAS GALORE!!!!!!!

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