Wisdom from the 4th Floor

We’re in this time of year where you have like three finals to study for, a paper due at midnight, a group meeting for a presentation the next day with no prepared materials, and a book you have to finish reading by the end of the week. You need a place to study!!! So you walk into the 4th floor lounge and there is a program going on. Your dying to go but you just don’t have the time, so then you go to the 3rd floor lounge and guess what….ANOTHER PROGRAM. This one has food!!!

You sneak food and try you last option is the 2nd floor lounge. WOMPS!!!! This lounge is filled with the everyone who has just went through the same process as you. Now you have no where to go. What to do now???

If this is you, I am here to help. By knowing where to study, you can make the most out of your schedule and still manage to have spare time, space, and energy to do what you want to do. My favorite spot are..

Stern Third Floor Lounge: 24 hrs: The stern building may seem a little intimidating at first, especially if you’re not a member, but it has been a great place to sneak in and get my work done. The lounges are decorated with comfortable couches and picture, even wide screen tvs if you want to watch the football game. But this nice setting won’t distract you too much from your studying endeavors because the energy of the building is focused. Here I can be surrounded by hard working students and as they work on synergies or mergers (??) I get my much needed studying done in this great hidden spot.

Bobst Lower Levels 1 & 2: 24hrs: There are many spaces in lower level Bobst that can be pegged for every type of individual. There’s the open study area with neon colored chairs for people who like to study with friends, eat, and watch a little tv on the side. For those who really needed to get in the zone and have a heavy workload, I would suggest going to the second lower level which provides the best remedy, silence or the small room with glass windows on lower level one. A helpful hint for next semester is to get rooms reserved in advance. You are able to reserve rooms for 2 hrs per day.

Heights Lounge and Hemmerdinger Lounges in Sliver: Before 11 pm you will mostly see Graduate students studying here. If you really don’t wanna see your friends and want to get some quick reading done after classes this is the place to go. But from 4:30-6 pm on Thursdays prepared to get kicked out of the Heights Lounge for the weekly Gamesday event Sliver’s Academic Acheivement Program host.

Starbucks or Think Coffee: Coffee and cramming go hand in hand. If you’re the type of person who can get their work done with a quiet buzzing of chatter and the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans, get to your local coffee shop. Here (and with some Think Coffee hops) with some campus cash you can get powerful dose of caffeine to keep you up, alert and ready to study for all your tests and papers. The only downside is that these cafes are not 24/7 establishments but they get the job done for midday to the evening.

Other Great Places:

721 Tisch Build Common Area 24hrs

Weinstein’s Classroom

6th and 9th floor of Bobst-Closes at 1a.m

Kimmel 2nd and 7th floor- Closes at 11pm

Third No. Study Lounge in C3

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