Wisdom from the 20th Floor

Hey Founders! This is Emma, RA of the 20th floor and here to talk to you about studying abroad. I’m sure by now you’ve all heard of NYU’s global network – the wide array of study abroad sites ranging from Florence to Tel Aviv and Madrid to Shanghai. With so many options to choose from…where will NYU Study Abroad take you?

While I can’t answer that question for you, I can tell you that my study abroad experience took me all the way to West Africa, in Accra, Ghana. I traveled to Accra in the spring semester of my sophomore year and while it was a challenge getting used to a completely different culture, climate and cuisine, the four months I spent there were some of the best I’ve had at NYU altogether. The program is smaller than most study abroad sites at NYU – about 40 people from various schools and majors. I personally liked that aspect of the experience, because it allowed me to connect with each and every other student, something that is rare here on our New York campus. I took classes for my major (Social & Cultural Analysis in CAS) but I also took a Twi language class and an African dance class, just for fun. NYU in Ghana’s planned trips to other areas of the country were very eye-opening and taught me things that I have brought back with me and implemented in my own life here at home. My study abroad experience was such a positive one and I urge you all to study abroad at least once while here at NYU!

A good place to start if you’re considering a semester abroad is the NYU Study Abroad office website at http://www.nyu.edu/studyabroad/. There you’ll find information about academics, student life, expenses and the application process for each of the sites. Another great way to get started is to attend an information session, listed on the left side of the homepage. If for some reason you can’t make it to any of the info sessions, don’t fret! Ask your RA about hosting a Study Abroad info session here in Founders. A representative from the Study Abroad office will come present and answer any questions you may have (plus you may even get to try some delicious food from another country).

A few things to think about as you begin your research:
1. Courses! Certain study abroad sites offer classes for specific majors, concentrations and schools within NYU. Make sure you talk to your academic advisor before applying, so that you can enjoy being abroad without neglecting your requirements.
2. Languages! Some study abroad sites such as Paris, Florence and Madrid, may require that you take language classes while you are there. Be sure to factor this into your planning as you think about your course schedule.
3. Deadlines! Make sure you’re aware of the NYU Study Abroad application deadlines for the site you wish to visit. As a general rule of thumb, you should apply the semester before you wish to be abroad. On top of that, you may need to obtain certain paperwork, such as a visa, passport, medical clearance, etc. in order to travel overseas. Do your homework and stay on top of these due dates! (BUT IT ISNT TOO LATE! See below)

Once you’ve picked a location and been accepted into the program, there will be many more considerations to take into account depending on the site. Take advantage of the student testimonials on the NYU Study Abroad website and talk to a counselor in the office about getting in touch with someone who has been there. Another good source of information? Your very own Founders RAs! Here is a list of RAs who have studied abroad – feel free to get in touch with them to ask questions specific to their site or just to hear about their own experiences in that location.

Katie Sylvester – Paris, France
Amanda Moffa – Florence, Italy
Logan Whiteside – Madrid, Spain
Ryan Aguirre – Florence, Italy
Dylan Denmark – Visthar, India
Zack Glantz – Paris, France
Nick Jensen – Hong Kong and Thailand
Kaitlyn Gosman – Greece
Guido Ditto – Madrid, Spain
Jared Bevills – London, England
Emma McCormack – Accra, Ghana

(Keep in mind that not everyone studied through NYU, necessarily.)

Other helpful tips: NYU loves sending people abroad… it means more open ResHall rooms in NYC! Because of this, you may qualify for increased Financial Aid. Call the Global Programs office and see how much more you can get!

Also, because these are NYU sties just in different countries, your tuition and existing Financial Aid package don’t change! The only factors that would differ are your room and board charges depending on the cost of living in your site. You may even be able to SAVE money by studying aborad! What a concept.

Now that you’ve heard about my own study abroad experience in Ghana and have the background information you need to start doing your own research, what are you waiting for? IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO APPLY FOR THE FALL 2011 SEMESTER! Go to this link and fill out your application: http://www.nyu.edu/global/global-academic-centers1/upperclassmen/applying.html

Here are some pictures of some of our RAs amazing travels:

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2 Responses to Wisdom from the 20th Floor

  1. Cat says:

    Good advice! I am dying to go to US to study =) Any advice on NYU?

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