Resident of the Week – Mason Dettlof

You’ve probably seen hoards of Founders resident running around this past week delivering breakfast, selling t-shirts, slipping flyers under doors, or trying to sell you cupcakes really late at night.

Yes, those are Founders residents and yes, they are all involved with the Founders Advisory Board! Why all this activity? Three words…RELAY FOR LIFE!

Relay for Life is a university-wide event coming up on April 16th hosted through the American Cancer Society.

This week, our Founders Resident of the Week is one of the many hard-working hall council members raising money for the Founders Hall team for Relay for Life. Mason Dettloff, a resident of the 20th floor, serves as the Community Service Chair of the Founders Advisory Board. Over the past semester, and especially these past few weeks, he’s helped make flyers, posters, and even bagels to help the Founders Hall team!

In addition to all his work on the Founders Advisory Board, Mason serves as the first Director of Public Relations on the Liberal Studies Student Council!

For all his work in Founders and outside of Founders, this weeks Founders Resident of the Week is Mason Dettlof!

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