Adventures in Washington Heights


Are you familiar with the Tony Award winning musical In the Heights? Do you love  some authentic Dominican food and desserts? Are you just looking to get out of the East Village for the day? Take the A, C, or 1 train up to Washington Heights! “The Heights” is full of great restaurants, beautiful parks, and noteworthy museums.

   Washington Heights is a neighborhood in northern Manhattan; it is named for Fort Washington – a fort that was constructed at the highest point above sea level in Manhattan back during the Revolutionary War. The Heights has a huge Dominican population which allows the neighborhood to thrive off of its many delicious Dominican restaurants. Some favorites are Malecon Restaurant located at 4141 Broadway. Malecon is top rated by Zagat and one review has claimed that eating at Malecon is like “stepping into a restaurant in Santo Domingo”. It’s very affordable so if you like Dominican food, check it out! Another great Dominican restaurant is called La Casa del Mofongo, located at 1447 St Nicholas Ave. Mofongo is a Dominican favorite, and even though this restaurant is a bit pricey, many think it’s worth it. Last but certainly not least, DESSERT. Martiza’s Cakes is a hole in the wall, but delicious bakery in Washington Heights (2153 Amsterdam Ave). Martiza’s specializes in bizcocho, a Dominican cake that won’t leave you disappointed.

      After stuffing yourself with Dominican food, be sure to stop by the Cloisters. The Cloisters Museum is a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It contains art and architecture from Medieval Europe through to the 15th century. The Cloisters is located at 99 Margaret Corbin Drive in the Fort Tryon Park area of Washington Heights. Check out their website, as hours change depending on the season. This is truly a beautiful and fascinating place to see amazing art outside of the East Village.

  One last highlight of Washington Heights is Fort Tryon park. This park is a less crowded and a unique alternative to Central Park. It’s a calm and serene place to go to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for the day (or even just an hour or two). There’s a great view of the Hudson River and George Washington Bridge from the paths along the west side of the park. The Cloisters are actually located right in the center of the park, so go see both when you have a free day one weekend! Most importantly, don’t take living in NYC for granted. It is truly a privilege, so get out there and see what else the city has to offer!

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