Adventures in the East Village!

So now that you’ve lived in the East Village for a few weeks, how much do you REALLY know about it? Sure you wanna use your meal plans, but once in a while it’s fun to try some new places to eat out.
-S’mac – You know a place is good when they only serve one type of food! If you’re looking for some of the best mac and cheese in NYC stop by S’mac. They have a range from classic to fancy to just plain good.
-Pomme Frites – Another one of these great one-food places, if you love french fries try Pomme Frites. They have great sauces like pesto mayo and are great if you want a meal-sized snack.
-Veselka – Branch out here and try some of their famous borscht and other Eastern European classics like pierogis or meat stuffed cabbage. Plus it’s open 24 hours!
-Momofuku – Famous for their pork buns, momofuku has great noodle dishes and their dessert location has fun and interesting ice creams and desserts.
-Max Brenner – If you want dessert for dinner or just some great dessert, try Max Brenner. Famous for their chocolate creations they have some thing for everyone including chocolate shots or regular dinner foods.

And East Village isn’t just great for the food. It has a long history of punk rockers, poets and artists. CBGB is a famous nightclub that was originally in East Village that gave rise to bands like the Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads and The Strokes. East Village was also the setting for famous musical Rent and is the home to a lot of famous people including Tom Cruise and Ryan Gosling (recently spotted passing Founders)! So next time you head to Third North for dinner or to campus for class, keep an eye out. Have fun exploring!

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