Adventures in Williamsburg!

Looking to explore a neighborhood that’s close to Founders, but outside of Manhattan? Williamsburg is the perfect destination. The neighborhood is known for its hip clothing stores, delicious restaurants, beautiful parks, and arts scene.
Transportation to Williamsburg is very simple. First exit Founders Hall and make a left onto 12th Street. Make the first right at 4th Ave and walk towards 14th Street. When you reach 14th Street, enter the subway and take the Brooklyn-bound L train three stops to Bedford Avenue. When you exit the subway, you’ll be in the midst of Williamsburg on Bedford Ave and North 7th.
Williamsburg sits in northern Brooklyn, across the East River from Lower East Side. Its riverside location provides with a beautiful waterfront views of Manhattan. One of the best places to enjoy said views is East River State Park. The park is a fantastic place to have a picnic or catch an outdoor concerts. McCarren Park is also a short walk for the subway and is an incredible park to visit. Make sure to check out the kickball league that takes place at the park on Sundays!
If you are interested in the arts scene in Williamsburg, attending a concert is a great place to start. All-ages concerts are frequently hosted in DIY venues around the neighborhood. To see nationally recognized artists, the Music Hall of Williamsburg is a fantastic venue to catch a show. Information about shows in the area can be found at

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