13 days of Halloween

 The 13 Days of Halloween is a great Founders tradition that we have
every year. There will be a halloween program a day so stop by if
you’re free! Yesterday was the first day and we had caramel apples in
the lobby.


TODAY, THURSDAY OCT 20 – UVL! Come see the Founders talent show!
FRIDAY OCT 21 – Scary Movie night at 6:30 in the 3rd floor lounge. You
pick the movie!
SATURDAY OCT 22 – Haunted House to Nightmare Fairytales, $8 copay,
sign up at the RC (most Haunted Houses are like $30 and this one was
voted best in the America!)
SUNDAY OCT 23 – Pumpkin decorating at 4pm!
MONDAY OCT 24 – Hocus Pocus Screening at 9pm in the 3rd Floor Lounge!
(remember when you used to watch scary movies on the Disney channel!)
TUESDAY OCT 25 – Founders Halloween Food Challenge in the lobby
WEDNESDAY OCT 26 – Health Promotions Office Programming 6-8 in the
lobby (learn more about being a Student Educator at NYU)
THURSDAY OCT 27 – Founders FAB Halloween Party in the 4th Floor lounge!
FRIDAY OCT 28 – Murder Mystery at 7pm in the 4th floor lounge – follow
clues to solve a murder, dinner will be served and you can win movie
SATURDAY OCT 29 – Rocky Horror Picture Show! Sign up at the RC and
meet in the lobby at 11
SUNDAY OCT 30 – FFiR Crystal’s Fall Hike Time TBA
MONDAY OCT 31 – Costume Contest and Trick or Treating! Details TBA!
Check the fliers in the elevator banks for more details!


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