Resident of the Week-Alex Cass

Heard awesome music bumping from the lounge or courtyard recently?  Seen flyers promising free food and a good time?  Attended one of these events and been in awe of the organization, decoration, and the food?  

 You have none other than 25th floor resident Alex Cass to thank! Alex is the Social Programming Chair for the Founders Advisory Board (FAB).   Along with an awesome group of executive board and committee members, Alex plans these events for residents in Founders!

 Hailing from Rockwall, Texas, Alex is planning on majoring in politics and journalism.    Aside from coordinating all of the social programming that goes on for FAB, Alex is currently pledging Alpha Sigma Tau sorority.  How does she do it all and still keep a smile? Come and find out yourself at the next FAB meeting or event – she’ll be there!    

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2 Responses to Resident of the Week-Alex Cass

  1. Alex Cass says:

    Oh wow I’m really surprised actually. Thanks!! haha :) this is too sweet.

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