Weekend Guide:November 11-13th

Join FFIR Crystal and RA Marlon for the FFIR Week Museum Event

The Museum of the Moving Image

Friday, November 11th   

Meet in the Lobby at 4:30pm. 

Free museum admission, refreshments, and a 10% discount at the museum gift shop; bring your MetroCard.


Chocolate Festival!

New York Chocolate Show
November 10–13
Life in the City gets sweeter every November with the annual Chocolate Show, a full-on celebration that presents world-renowned fine chocolate companies and chocolatiers sampling and selling their delicious delicacies. The 14th-annual show includes live cooking demonstrations at the Dacor Culinary Theaters, book signings by award-winning authors at Barnes & Noble and a Kids Zone for the young ones. The chocolate is not just for eating: this year’s Chocolate Fashion Show and Opening Night Preview presented by Lincoln, on November 9, is inspired by the “Great White Way,” with chocolatiers and designers combining chocolate with couture in a Broadway-themed fashion show.


Film Festival!

35th Annual Margaret Mead Film Festival
November 10–13
This festival of international documentary filmmaking takes its name from famed anthropologist Margaret Mead, a longtime curator at the American Museum of Natural History. It features a wide range of films that use the medium as Mead herself did—to explore the potential for cross-cultural exploration and dialogue. More than 40 outstanding works will be screened, along with a special Mead retrospective that is being included as part of the anniversary programming.

Movies coming out this week!

– 11-11-11 (limited)
– The Conquest (limited)
– Elite Squad: The Enemy Within (NY; LA release: Nov. 18)
– The Greening of Whitney Brown (NY, LA, limited)
– Immortals (3D/2D theaters)
– Into the Abyss (limited)
– Jack and Jill
– London Boulevard (limited)
– Melancholia (limited)

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