Residents of the Week-NYU Soccer Team

Anthony Baini. Mickey Ingerman. Dan Marino. Nimo Bergstroem. Andrew Zheng.

Legends of Founders Hall.

For their swag? For their superior intelligence? Naturally. But mostly their SOCCER SKILLS bro.

These fine gentlemen are part of an elite squad. If you see them in Founders, stop whatever you’re doing and just gaze upon such greatness.  Can you live up to them? Ehh, debatable. Many have tried. Most have failed. At least you can say you live in the same residence hall they do. Perhaps, one day, you’ll be lucky enough to share an elevator ride, make eye contact in the lobby, or even bump into each other in the lounge.

 Check out some season highlights. See for yourself how awesome they are.

2011 NYU Men’s Soccer
NYU Overall Team Statistics (as of Nov 07, 2011)
All games

Overall: 7-9-1 Conf: 2-5-0 Home: 5-1-0 Away: 2-7-1 Neut: 0-1-0 

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