New Years Eve in Times Square!

#NYE. Time for a new prof pic. Might as well take it in Times Square.
Over one million people celebrate New Year’s Eve in Times Square. Follow these tips to get a good view of the ball drop AND stay classy as you wait until midnight. 

1. Arrive Early

So people start claiming their spots in the early afternoon on December 31. Show up early and don’t move. You won’t be able to return to “your spot” if you need to leave to eat, use a bathroom, or move for any other reason.


2.  Gotta Go!…to the bathroom

Starbucks used to be a good spot BUT they closed most of their bathrooms last month. Try Port Authority bus terminal  is a good place to stop before you begin your wait in Times Square. There are public bathrooms inside of the Port Authority, as well as places to buy food and drinks.  Port Authority is located on 8th Avenue and 42nd Street.  

3. Prepare for the Long Wait

So you’ve showed up early and you know you can’t move because if you ‘move your feet, you lose your seat.’  Eat before you go! You should also be prepared with snacks, drinks , and diversions.  Wait, I’ll just bring a bag! Sorry. #forbidden. Wear the biggest coat you can find with a ton of pockets.

4. Be Ready for Crowds

“Omg NYE in Times Square”.  One million other people thought the same thing…it’s going to be PACKED.This means that if you are within view of the ball, you will most likely be squished, which is totally fine because ummm it’s NYC on New Years Eve!

5. Be Patient anChill Out

Your feet will get stomped on. People will block your view. Someone will bump into you. Don’t freak out. Just enjoy the evening. 

6. Celebrate New Year’s Around the World

There is a mini-celebration every hour in Times Square, as different countries ring in the New Year around the world.


7. Consider the Weather

IT”S COLD! The weather in New York City on New Year’s Eve is unpredictable. You know it’s going to be freezing, but don’t forget about the possible rain or snow!  

8. Sound Unappealing? Attend the Event at Founders Hall!

Watch the event from the comfort of the 4th floor lounge complete with food, heat, and the big screen TV. #free

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