YouTube Videos of the Week…

Have you check out t he Sh*t ______ say videos? Check out these RA-resident videos….does any of it sound familiar?

Add your own comments. Earn some Founders Bucks too!

Sh*t RAs NEVER say

Sh*t RAs say

Sh*t Residents Say


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11 Responses to YouTube Videos of the Week…

  1. Pete Sailer says:

    I would like 5 Founders Bucks.

  2. Joe Bozzo says:

    Is that a dog?!?!? … And then that thing with the butcher paper on the bulletin board… Story of my life.

  3. Noah Hyams says:

    I love me some Founders Bucks
    but those videos are pretty sweet…we should make our own

  4. Joseph Ting says:

    Why is one of the guys using a type writer? Darn hipster.

  5. Jenny says:

    HAHAHthis is funny..except the founders RA’s are a lot more cooler and real.. and i hope the residents don’t sound THAT stupid.

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