Hey Founders!

Project Wellness is a 6 Week Program designed to inform students about making healthy life choices in order to promote long term wellness.

Each week will promote overall wellbeing, but focus on one specific component of wellness:

1.    Physical Fitness and Nutrition 2.    Emotional & Mental Wellness 3.    Sleep 4.    Safety & Substances 5.    Academics and Organizing 6.    Life Relationship and Sexual Health

On Sundays we will have weekly topic exercises, thought experiments and wellness activities.  All weeks include exercise programs and tabling by the Health Promotions Office.

How YOU can get involved:

Sign up at the RC with your email address! We have a point system to help you track your progress. Point values are given to various wellness activities including personal workout, attendance at programs, participating in exercises, and overall healthy choices.

After you sign up you will receive a file to fill in your points, and will send it back to

For every 100 points, you get 10 Founders bucks!


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