I </3? my roommate

roommate relations

  1. be clear from the beginning. are you a bit of a neat freak? do you need absolute darkness to sleep? tell your roommate about your little quirks and preferences right away so you can work out something you both can agree to
  2. address the little things before they get big. does your roommate eat your snacks without asking? tell your roommate about the little things that bother you before they get big and difficult to address
  3. respect your roommate’s belongings. don’t borrow, use, take, eat, or touch without asking
  4. watch who you bring to your room and how often. it’s not just your room. don’t just assume that your roommate is okay with your visitors and make sure you let them know ahead of time
  5. close and check if your door is locked when you leave. you leave your roommate’s  and your possessions vulnerable if you don’t. it’s also a big safety issue
  6. be open to new things. your roommate is obviously not you. be considerate and accepting of your differences
  7. be ready for change. the both of you will change over the year – the differences you have later could be completely different from the ones you have now! learn to adapt to the changes
  8. address the big things. just because things seem really really bad doesn’t mean you can’t still fix it. talk about the elephant in the room and…
  9. utilize your RA. your RA is right there! knock on your RA’s door, send an email, send a text. your RA wants to help!
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