FAB Minutes 2-14-12

FAB Meeting – February 14th 2012 – Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Sam commences meeting – 10:15pm
    1. Snow ball Thursday the 16th from 9pm – 12am
      1. It’s for freshman to mingle, dance and get to know more people in your year.
    2. Noah, our VP, created a FB group for the Floor Reps: https://www.facebook.com/groups/344925652207286/
  2. IRHC Report
    1. How to be involved in Hall Council next year if you are studying abroad for a semester.
      1. What you can do is trade off positions with a person who is studying abroad on the other semester
    2. UVL
      1. Support James!
      2. It’s on Thursday, February 23rdat 7pm. Doors open 6:30, line start ~ 5:00 – 5:20pm
      3. Sam – if you pay $10 beforehand, you have a guarrenteed spot.
        1. You can buy these tickets at Skirball
        2. There will be vouchers for free at RC. Here the Hall will pay for your ticket but it will not a reserved spot. There is a line, the closer in front you are, the higher chance you have to getting in.
        3. There will be someone famous from Rock of Ages (the show)
        4. Celebrity host – Surprise
  3. Open Forum
    1. Will be a every meeting thing
    2. No comments
  4. Treasury Report

Available ($)
Slush Fund 93.82
Development 873.42
Facilities 359.29
Co-Sponserships 2551.15
Eboard Programming 3796.36
Food Committee 842.85
IRHC Expenses 532.16

    1. Money to buy movies for the RC comes from “Facilities”
    2. Co-sponserships: $900 pending
    3. Food: we need to use about 70 per meeting in order to last till the end.
    4. IRHC, the money to pay for the UVL vouchers come from here. Each voucher is numbered and the UVL organizers will report how many Founders residents actually attended that used vouchers so the Hall will pay the right amount, no more, no less.
  1. No Co-sponserships Tonight
  2. Sophie – Residential Advocacy Chair
    1. We will stock movies in RC for residents to rent out.
  3. Alex – Social Programming Chair
    1. No current social programming project
    2. We will help make posters for advertising UVL
  4. Mike – Community Service Chair
    1. He registered Founders for Relay for Life
    2. It’s on April 28th from 5pm – 5am
    3. We will do it as a team. Please join the official Founders Relay for Life page to see what is going on: http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR?team_id=1113653&pg=team&fr_id=40123
  5. Denise – Public Relations Chair
    1. T-shirt contest
      1. Winner gets $50, choice of gift card
      2. Submissions of T-shirt artwork due February 27th
  6. Sam – Poster making need to be done
  7. Poster time, Break to Committees – 10:30pm
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