FAB Minutes

FAB Minutes February 28, 2012

  1. Food for today is Atomic Wings, as voted for on the Facebook group, and falafels, as per the President’s request
  1. President Sam commences meeting at 10:15PM
    1. clap for UVL
    2. passing around sign-up sheet for relay for life, sign up if you want to go to get fee covered
    3. VP Noah asks “What is Relay for Life?”
      1. “Relay for Life is like the Hunger Games except it’s a relay… for life” – Sam
      2. People raise money for the cause, and the event is where people get together
      3. Mike – all money raised goes to American Cancer Society for research
      4. Relay for Life is from 5PM to 5AM, you are not committed to stay over.
      5. It’s cool and fun – Sam
    4. T-shirts contest
    5. We have 10 submissions, they are really cool. Voting begins soon online. Watch out for announcements
    6. IRHC
      1. we will send submission for amendments to the FAB Constitution
      2. Renovations in Brittany
      3. Men against Rape – advocacy for men to stop rape and violence
        1. Chris is smiling – Sam points out.
        2. This is terrible (referring to rape) – Chris
        3. If you have questions, come and see the E-board members
  1. Treasurer Report – Chris
    1. approximately $2200 for co-sponsorships
    2. Sponsorship from Olo – basketball
      1. In March, there is basketball program called March Madness. “To celebrate March Madness, I will be having, along with food, we will having a tournament. Quite a few people enjoy this, this basketball thing….” – Olo
      2. Can girls do this? – Alex Cass (yes)
      3. Do these girls have to good in basketball to play? – Anj
      4. This isn’t a gender issue – Olo
      5. This isn’t about me, I’m skilled at basketball”
      6. Olo tells a story about the backyards of America where fathers play basketball with their sons. They think they are good except for Michael Jordan because it was true.
      7. Come out and play!
      8. Anj – how will you structure this? how many?
        1. 8, 3 on 3. – Olo
      9. Suggestion: Betting for founders bucks? – Anj
      10. Olo accidentally crumpled the co-sponsorship form: “oh?”
      11. Secret meeting
        1. The amount is $150. If he want to add funds, he has to fill out another form.
        2. Unanimous vote :) Fast.
  1. Noah is having a real jazz gig on Friday
    1. He will post it in the floor group. no need to be 18 and up, you can be 17 (Denise)
    2. A Classy Night of Jazzhttp://www.facebook.com/events/314467091951424/
  1. Committee Chairs
    1. Mike – Community Services
      1. Bagel sale this Saturday
      2. Midnight Snacks Sunday
      3. He is working on Day of Service
      4. Sam – do you (FAB) have a question?
      5. Sam calls on Olo. Olo had his hand raised but he was actually stretching.
      6. Anj – “very suggestive”
      7. Sam explains Doodle to help out for the Bake Sale and Midnight Sale, you get Founders buck for doing it
    2. Sophia
      1. Talks about getting stuff for the RC
      2. NEWS: We get to keep the ping pong table! But the air hockey table will be removed. It is not working properly.
      3. She wants to do a fundraising project to “adopt” a child
    3. Denise
      1. T-shirt design voting will be up at the end of the week
      2. Her committee will put up poster for study breaks
      3. Sam announces that there will be no puppies. He admits that it was his fault. He did not realized that the puppy people needed more time to organize.
    4. Joe Bozzo, advisor to FAB
      1. talks about NRHH and NACURH
        1. honor society for residence hall
        2. give scholarship and recognition to those who deserve it
        3. different category, for students, RAs, hall faculty, etc.
        4. anyone can apply but application is selective
        5. The National Association is like hall council on a national level
        6. It is year-long commitment
        7. NYU has 2 more years in its term
        8. See flyer for more information. Applications on Facebook group
          1. NRHH Information http://nyunrhh.org/
          2. NRHH Application http://tinyurl.com/nrhhspring2012
          3. NACURH Information http://www.nacurh.org/
          4. NIC Application http://www.nacurh.org/nic/application/
        9. Any questions? See Joe Bozzo (email) or on Founders group
        10. Chris G – “what kind of things do you work on?”
          1. Joe – As financial officer, he controls budgets, finances, balance check book, all students who need to pay. He oversees that, etc.
  1. Committee Breakout
    1. Sophia and Denise need help on posters

Vicente Ochoa FAB Secretary

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