Residents of the Week-FAB EBOARD!

Sam Bhakuni, Noah Hyams, Chris Granger, Vicente Ochoa,Camaley Jennings, Sophia Otfinoski, Alex Cass, Mike Cho, and Denice Zhu…justregular, everyday Founders residents you say? Well, you’d be mistaken.  These 9 outstanding students hold the Executive positions on the Founders Advisory Board (FAB). Already this semester, the FAB board has proven themselves as superbleaders of the building in a number of ways. The group planned and executed a very successful General Assembly retreatwith a fun pirate theme, they spearheaded the James Livengood spirit initiativefor this year’s UVL competition, and they are conducting a contest to determinethe design for the 2012 Founders Hall t-shirt, all the while fundraising towardsour $1,000 goal for Relay for Life.  Thisteam of leaders has shown outstanding growth this year and we can’t wait to seewhat’s to come! With Relay, FYRE Olympics, and the end-of-year Founders Bucksauction ahead, great things are in store from the FAB Eboard!

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3 Responses to Residents of the Week-FAB EBOARD!

  1. Noah says:

    FAB party right now!!!!!

  2. Noah Hyams says:

    FAB party now!

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