FAB Minutes 4-3-12

FAB Minutes for April 3, 2012

I. Food today is Sushi!

II. Chris Granger, Treasurer, gets assassinated by Nick Bresnot.

III. Sam commences meeting at 10:10 PM

1. We got 3rd place in FYRE Olympics

2. Good job to those who came

3. Elegance on the Water

– This is cruise organized by the IRHC

– The RC will have a sign-up sign tomorrow to get discounted tickets of $10.

– It is on Friday, April 6th at 8PM

IV. Leydi

1. You’ve all seen a Founders T-shirt. We’ve spent $1K on buying them. We need to sell them so we’re lowering the price to $8. Remember that the money goes to Relay for Life.

2. We need you as floor reps to sell these t-shirt. Please sign up to table.

We need your name, email and what dates you available to table

Tabling is from 8-10 at night, any day Sunday to Friday, up to April 28th, the day of Relay for Life.

3. Penny Wars is coming soon.

V. Cosponsorships

1. There is $1177 left and there are 3 more FAB meetings after today.

– Leftover money goes to the auction fund

2. Marlon – the one and only sponsor tonight

– She wants to take people to the Broadway show “Chicago”

– 8 from her floor, 8 others from the hall and herself

– It will be on Thursday night, April 26th

– Copay:

It is $15 for her floor as she is using her floor budget

It is will $20 per resident who sign up

– Asking for $397.70

(Kadeem arrives)

Motion to grant any money: Passed

Motion to grant full amount: Passed

VI. Denice

– Please stay after to make 3 or 4 banners

– We need your help. They are for the Cruise, Relay, Penny Wars et al.

VII. More info

1. The auction prizes will range from movie passes, t-shirts, gift cards et al.

2. It will be held in the courtyard with live music (?) and dance by Marlon ;P

3. Last day of class is Monday May 7th so Sunday, May 6th is the auction

(Disadvantageous for Tisch kids if they leave early)

4. If you are going to Relay for Life, you need a shirt for that. Buy one for $8.

VIII. Mike

1. Sign up for tabling

2. Be involved and competitive in Penny Wars

3. Come to Relay for Life!

IX. Sam – That’s all we have for today

X. People who stayed afterwards to make posters/banners got Founders Bucks

XI. Joe Bozzo got assassinated by Nick Glastonbury. It was disputed at first until the organizers made the final call that it was a kill.

RIP Joe Bozzo and Chris Granger (4/2/12 – 4/3/12)

Vicente Ochoa

FAB Secretary

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