FAB Minutes- April 10th!

FAB Meeting Minutes for April 10, 2012

I. Food today: fruit platter, nutella, and matzah (מַצָּה)

Chosen to respect eating habits during Passover


II. At 10:11, President Sam starts the meeting

1. We must sell the T-shirts!

2. Penny Wars started yesterday. The 22nd floor won last time.

3. The Day of Service is this Saturday at 3rd North Courtyard  at 12PM – 3PM

3N got some PB donated from PB & CO and will be purchasing a tub of PB and 2 tubs a jelly from Costco. SO, here’s an updated list of things that we need you to bring (spend around $50-80):


Brittany: plastic bags (to put sandwiches in), bread

Founders: bread


Lafayette: bread

Second Street: hair nets, peanut butter

Rubin: bread, jelly

Greenwich: gloves, jelly

Weinstein: jelly

Carlyle: bread


Everyone: snacks for the volunteers

4. Next Sunday the 22nd, it is Pie Your RA in the Face! and a Ping Pong tourney at same time

– $1 per pie, all proceeds to Relay for Life

– $1 buy-in for ping pong

5. We need to make a banner for those two events

6. We need to make another Relay for Life banner

7. No Co-sponsorships tonight


III. Relay for Life

1. We will be giving out messages and popcorn.

2. Theme: “Founders pounds it out” / “Founders Pounders”

IV. Misc.

– We might be getting puppies for a study break and de-stresser.

– We will have a baby picture contest. You will have to match each baby picture up to their respective RA or E-board member. If you get all of them right, you are inputted to a drawing to win a money prize. There is buy-in with proceeds going to Relay for Life

– Other Fundraisers: Singing Gram

– sign ups online? TBA


V. Note: We have one month of school left with a lot of events going on. We need your support to raise the money for Relay and come take part (help and attending).


We need you now more then ever!


VI. Meeting adjoined at 10:26 PM


V. Eboard members and 25th floor rep Sonya Natarajan went to the RA office to make the posters.

Thank you Sonya Natarajan for helping out this late. <3

Vicente Ochoa

FAB Secretary






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