FAB Minutes

FAB Meeting Minutes for April 17th, 2012

I. Food today: Nutella, Fruit Platter, Teddy Bear graham crackers

II. At 10:06, Sam starts meeting

– At 10:08 another FAB member interrupts to call order

1. Tabling sign-up to sell T-shirts and advertising Baby Picture contest

2. Relay for life is coming up April 28th from 5pm – 5am

– Some members are talking so a floor rep yelled “SAM’S TALKING!”

3. This sunday is Pie your RA on the Face Day and the Ping Pong Tourney

4. At the IRHC meeting, there were elections so no IRHC report

II. Chris Granger

1. He does not have the budget sheet, but he said we should have enough

2. Co-sponsorship request is from the RA Rita for a trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

– She is asking for $120

– Cherry Blossom Festival

– Full amount passed

III. That’s it really

1. We will be cutting out the baby photos

2. Later we will make the posters

3. A sign up sheet made by Mike is being passed around for tabling this and next week.

4. Sam asked for who can sign up for each date he is calling

IV. Meeting is adjoined at 10:18PM

Vicente Ochoa, FAB Secretary

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