#FAB Minutes 4-24-12 #RelayForLife

FAB Meeting Minutes for April 24, 2012

I. Food today: Dumplings

II. At 10:08, President Sam starts the meeting

1. Today was the IRHC banquet so no more IRHC reports

2. Relay for Life this Saturday!

            – We are meeting at the lobby at 3:30 to head over to Coles to set up.

            – Actual Relay for Life event is from 10AM – 10PM

            – Sign-up is up for those who are going to provide what time they will be there at: https://docs.google.com/a/nyu.edu/document/d/17NxNa_hxGRFJEjhNP1ASYXQeo4cxG1jHijloO6sDnBQ/edit

– The Founders Hall Auction is on May 6th at 6PM at the Courtyard, weather permitting.

                        – Alex Cass, Public Relations Chair addressed on this more. This is where you use your Founders Bucks!

– Olo  will be the auctioneer. Happy reactions went through the reps.

– There will a popcorn machine, food, etc. (carnival-type)

– She will in charge of getting prizes (TV, gift card, etc.)

III. Chris Granger, Treasurer

1. We’ve spent – $4788

            2. $900 (?) left to use to raised for Relay for Life

IV. Mike Cho, Community Service Chair

– We will meet at 3:30, those who can’t come at 3:30, please arrive before midnight because there will be a lockdown of Coles

V. Leydi – Mike will send Google Doc for shifts (see above)

– We are doing messages :D (Sophia Deluz, Residential Advocacy Chair gives Vice President Noah Hyams a message during the meeting)

– Denice Zhu, Social Programming Chair, will make poster next week for the auction

V. Meeting ends ~10:17PM


Vicente Ochoa

FAB Secretary

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One Response to #FAB Minutes 4-24-12 #RelayForLife

  1. Jenny says:

    fab minutes are the best!

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