#Last FAB Minutes =(

Final FAB Meeting Minutes – May 1st, 2012

I. Food today: Pad Thai

II. Sam commences at 10:07

1. This is our last meeting. Claps all around

2. First of all thanks for spending this year with us. Everyone claps

3. Inside joke made relating Sam to George W. Bush hahahahahahahaha

4. Dogs and cats coming tomorrow at 7:30 PM at the 4th floor lounge.

Caution! If you have cat or dog allergies, DON’T COME!

5. Auction on May 6th at 6PM. “There may or may not be someone famous there, emphasis on the may not.” We will set up at 4:30 PM

6. Making posters today for Auction. Last chance to be part of the poster making community

III. Treasurer Report

            1. Raised $1149.75 for Relay for Life

IV. End off with a couple of words

“I love you guys, some of you with all my heart, some of you less than all my heart, just kidding”

V. Final meeting ends at 10:12 PM. *broken heart*


VIcente Ochoa
FAB Secretary


It was great serving you guys as Floor Rep then as Secretary. I wish you all luck with finals and have a great summer!

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One Response to #Last FAB Minutes =(

  1. Jenny says:

    the dogs were SO cute ^.^

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