FAB Meeting Minutes- 09/26/2012

FAB Meeting Minutes- 09/26/2012
1. Jacob commences meeting 8:10
2. Stephanie takes attendance
3. Crystal Parikh Introduction
     a. Come to Crystal with ideas; she is willing to assist.
     b. Handout of events that are coming up (museum visits, 
        sightseeing, tours, etc.)
     c. Brooklyn Museum trip next week Thursday Oct. 4th
     d. Debate at Palladium held my FFIRs. What has mattered the 
        most in 2012?
4. Winston Tracy: RHD Introduction
5. RA Bola talks about Ambassadors Program    
     a. Great job: pays $9 an hour (work-study and non work-study 
        can apply)
     b. You have the job until you graduate even if you study abroad
     c. Not just a job, a lot of social aspects to it
     d. To apply, see Ambassadors Program poster with link to 
        application or Bola’s handouts
     e. Sign-up sheet passed around
6. Rhonda leads TORCH day reflection
     a. Positive feedback
     b. Possible improvements- more practice
7. Andrea, Director of Events overview of upcoming events
     a. Halloween
     b. UVL Prelims- red carpet theme
8. Dhruv, Director of Advocacy- Open Forum
     a. Residents would like color ink in the 2nd-Floor Printer
9. Co-sponsorship requests
     a. RA Mason- Door Wars Party (prizes, food, and fun for 80 
        residents)- Approved
10. Read off committee assignments and break into committees
11. Adjourn Meeting
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