FAB Minutes 10/10

Fab Minutes 10/10/2012
1. Jacob Open meeting 8:10 p.m.
2. Stephanie does budget update- 72% budget available
3. Co-spon request
    a. 13 days of halloween request
        i. $200 mystery dinner- prizes- passes 23-0
        ii. $212 haunted house- passes 14-8
4. Leydi speaks
    a. smoking in stairwell/cigarette butts is a community concern
        i. we might have to install cameras
    b. project pay attention
        i. please take the pledge (projectpayattn.com)
    c. elevator etiquette
        i. only way to make elevator run faster is by doing our part
5. Dhruv Leads Open Forum
    a. we are working on getting compost bins
    b. not everyone has a facebook page- Joe (2nd floor RA) put 
       program notices on blog?
        i. blog is Lost and Founders
    c. Laundry issues- people take other peoples laundry out
        i. there is a system you can log in from your computer and 
           see if there are open machines- post link on blog
        ii. update next meeting about laundry issue from facilities
6. Committee Breakouts
7. Committee Reports
    a. communication
        i. shooting halloween commercial, need actors, max 30 
           minutes of filming, must need costumes    
    b. advocacy
        i. hang art around Founders- give people prizes
        ii. quiet lounge not quiet
    c. service
        i. raffle at halloween party with prizes- proceeds to relay
        ii. working on poster to track progress to goal of $2,000
        iii. schedules penny wars for early november
        iv. cancer walk in central park- information coming soon
    d. events
        i. halloween party- magician, photo booth, best costume 
           prizes in four categories
8. Rhonda closes meeting
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