An End of the Semester Message from RHD Winston!

As we enter into the final stretch of your first semester here at NYU. I wanted to wish you all good luck as you finish up as well as some helpful information for you.

So first of all…GOOD LUCK! I know this time can be difficult, but keep at it and it will all pay off :)

It is important to make sure you take care of yourself throughout this time period. Find productive and positive ways to distress. Eat correctly and make sure you are resting your mind and body. If you need to contact the Wellness Exchange they will continue to be available now and through the break. 212-443-9999.
Quiet Hours:
24 hour quiet hours begin on December 14th and last throughout the finals period. This does not mean it ends for you personally when you finish, but by the last final on December 21, 2012.
Guest Passes:
Guest Passes will not be approved during reading day, the week of finals, and winter recess (December 14, 2012 – January 2, 2013). All other guest privileges remain the same.
Cab Share:
If you are traveling and need a cab to go to an airport, please follow this link and fill out your information. We will pair you with someone who has similar needs so you can split a cab. Please note that we only pair you with someone and then it is up to you to facilitate the rest.
University Closure:
The University will be closed beginning at 5 pm, December 21, 20112 until January 2, 2013. Founders will remain open, but professional staff members will not hold any office hours at this time. All questions for professional staff members should be asked in advance.
Resource Center:
The Resource Center will have hours of 10 am – 8 pm over the winter break (December 21st-January 26th). The Resource Center will be CLOSED on Tuesday, December 25th and Tuesday, January 1st.
Our public safety desk will operate as normal over the break. In addition, there will always be an RA on Duty over the break (even on holidays) that can be contacted via Public Safety. They can be reached by going to their front desk or calling 212-995-3849. You can also call the main public safety number at 212-998-2222.
Leaving for the Break:
Empty your trash and refrigerator, discard perishable items, close your windows and blinds, unplug laps, computers, and alarm clocks (these can be annoying for your neighbors), turn off lights, and lock your doors.
A few RAs as well as our FFiR Crystal will continue to program either for finals study breaks or during winter break to provide something to do. Keep your eyes open for the upcoming advertisements.  There will be small snacks (coffee and tea) throughout the afternoons during finals period as well as other programs.
Your Window – Founders Courtyard:
Please remember to be respectful and adhere to all of the University Policies. In particular, we have received reports of things being through out of windows into yards. Please note, that if you are to be found in violation of doing this, you will be subject to go through a conduct process that can result in immediate removal from housing. Please make sure you are making decisions that reflect who you really are and want to accomplish at NYU. 
Enjoy your time off!
On behalf of the entire Founders Team, it has been a pleasure being here with you throughout the semester. We will continue to be here for you to support you and make your experience at NYU a memorable one. Thank you for being so great, and we hope you enjoy your break!
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