Tips for using Spring Break to get on top of your academics!

As you are enjoying Spring Break, the University Learning Center wants to give you a few tips to help you get on track for the rest of the semester! Below are some ideas created by students who have been in the same boat and won’t detract too much time from some needed relaxation.

ULC Tips for Spring Break

How are you planning to get the most out of your spring break?  While traveling, visiting with friends and family, enjoying New York, or just relaxing, there are a number of ways you can utilize your break from classes to prepare for the rest of the semester!

Looking back to get ahead

  • Review any exams or papers you’ve gotten back to learn how to improve the next time!  Use this time to firm up your foundation and master the material that you have already learned.
  • Re-read your notes and reorganize – especially for classes with cumulative exams and papers.
  • Re-read materials and texts that will reinforce concepts and understanding.  Revise notes based on these readings for a more comprehensive study guide.

Looking ahead

Create a calendar for the rest of the semester that outlines upcoming assignments, papers and finals. Be sure to also include extracurricular activities and social commitments to manage your time best. (Remember: after Spring Break, you will only have half a semester before the school year is all over.  Plan your time wisely to make the most of that time!)

  • Create to-do lists for long-term assignments so you are clear on your next steps to start on over break and when you get back
  • Start thinking through a study plan for your final exams

Attend: Scheduling Your Success – Creating a Study Plan at the ULC and walk away with an individualized study plan!
Begins Thursday, April 4, 6:30pm, ARC LL02, visit our website to sign up and for more dates!

  • Prepare study guides for upcoming midterms.
  • Get ahead in your reading, especially for classes with large weekly reading assignments.
  • Get started on long-term assignments, like essays, so they feel less daunting and so you could quickly get help if needed when you return to school.
  • Begin thinking about what classes you will need to take next Fall and call the Advising Center over break to schedule a meeting for when you are back.  Fall classes should be available on ALBERT the week of March 25th.
    What are other good habits to establish while on break?

Getting enough sleep and being healthy over break will help you immensely when you return to school, because you can focus on setting these habits in motion when you don’t have other stressors to think about. To do this, you could:

  • Set up a sleep schedule that you can stick to after break
  • Try some new easy, healthy recipes/foods you could keep making once you get back to school
  • Get to the gym while you don’t have an excuse not to! You’ll remember how good you feel and make the time after break.

Visit the University Learning Center (ULC) for individual learning sessions, Academic Coaching and group reviews

The University Learning Center (ULC) offers support in over 100 courses and general areas such as language and writing.  Our services include one-to-one walk-in tutoring, study skills workshops, and our popular Study Slams. Review sessions and other workshops are announced via Twitter & Facebook and will be added to our website.  With our extensive hours, two locations, and wide selection of courses it’s easy to stop by and learn with us!


Freshman Honors Seminars
The Expository Writing Program and the University Learning Center have partnered up to offer additional support to help students with the writing demands of their Freshman Honors Seminars.  Each workshop is led by Freshman Honors Seminar faculty from the Expository Writing Program, and supported by a Global Academic Fellow and a ULC Learning Assistant who will be present to work with students one-on-one.  Students should bring any writing assignments they’ve already done for their Seminar.

Refining Your Research Question Through Evidence
Monday, March 25, 6:30pm, ARC LL02

Organization and Structure
Thursday, April 25, 6:30pm, ARC LL02

Monday, May 6, 6:30pm, ARC LL02

Freshman Honors Seminar Writing Groups for International Students
One Freshman Honors Seminar faculty member from the Expository Writing Program, one Learning Assistant and one Global Fellow will run each session. This regularly scheduled event offers flexibility for students but continuity of writing help should they need it. Students can bring any assignments or readings they want to work on.  No RSVP required – just drop in!
Wednesdays, 5:00pm, UHall Seminar Room – Starting March 13th

Why, When and How to Use Citations
Confused about writing academic papers using primary and secondary sources? Want information about what tools to use to help manage all your information and sources? Need to know how to cite sources and how to properly format them? Although not an expert in APA, MLA, or Chicago Style Systems, our Learning Assistant has learned to properly cite her sources in papers across disciplines and will help you practice and check your own citations and learn about some tools and techniques that will help you write strong papers.
Friday, March 29, 12:45pm, ARC LL05Friday, May 3, 12:45pm, ARC LL05

Faster and Smarter Research Walk-In Hours
Join the NYU Libraries and the University Learning Center for free, walk-in services designed to help you research smarter and faster.
Get personalized help on current research projects and term papers, from drafting a research question, to designing intelligent searches, to organizing and creating a bibliography in minutes. Bobst Librarians and ULC Learning Assistants will be on hand to work with you individually and to show you how to streamline your research and utilize the vast resources available to NYU students.

Be sure to come with a current research project and your laptop! Sign up below and drop in anytime between 6:30 – 7:30pm.
Thursday, March 28, 6:30 – 7:30pm, ARC LL02

Scheduling Your Success – Creating a Study Plan
In this highly interactive and individualized session, students will learn valuable time management and organizational tips from the ULC’s Academic Coaches and Learning Assistants and will get guidance on creating their own study plan for the rest of the semester.  Every student should leave this session with a study plan in place! Starts April 4th!

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