Do you know where you would like to live next year? Check out your options!

As a sophomore, you’ll have a bunch of options to choose between when deciding where you’d like to live. To prevent it from being overwhelming, check out the guide below for detailed information on each hall!

We’ve also added a list of some factual pros/cons for each hall to help you decide! Each hall is different and creates a unique atmosphere. Choose the one that is right for you!

Check the guide for some cool pictures and great info!


2nd Street

A lot of single rooms
Popular East Village location
Near Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s
Very tight-knit community
10-minute walk to campus

Many rooms are triples and doubles
Small spaces and kitchens
Not close to many dining halls

7th Street
Potential to get involved in sustainability efforts
Indoor Garden
Library in the building
Bike Share location
Spacious common areas and closets
Popular East Village location

No elevator (green house!)
No air conditioning
Small hall population
Might not be right for you if you lack an interest in sustainability

All single rooms
Popular East Village location
10-minute walk to campus
Close proximity to dining halls

Bedroom size
Most suites need extra lighting

Spacious bedrooms

Upperclass Residential College (like Goddard)
Newly-renovated lounges
Bodega located on ground floor

Not close to campus
You must apply to live here
If you don’t like the concept of the Res College, it might not be right for you

Popular Union Square location
Newly-renovated lounge spaces in each tower
Kitchens have ample cabinet space
Close to a variety of dining options

There is sometimes a lack of privacy due to a number of “walk-through” bedrooms
Sound travels well through the walls
Space is limited in each suite

Popular Union-Square location

Close to a number of dining halls
Near NYU Bus Stop
Rooms are spacious
Low cost options

Walls are very thin
The location can be a bit noisy
Upper floors get hot in the Winter

Greenwich Hotel
Great location in the West Village
Biweekly maid service for common room and bathroom
Wood floors and high ceilings

There is a far walk to campus
Room sizes vary widely
Restaurants in the area can get expensive


Granite and stainless steel kitchens
Dishwasher in kitchen
Close to NYU Bus Stop
Many different room layouts
Great lounges and gym

Building fills up quickly in room selection
Room sizes vary widely
Far from campus
Buses fill up quickly during peak times


Right near Chinatown and the Financial District
Spacious rooms
Great lounges and computer lab
Awesome sense of community

Room sizes vary widely

Very far from campus
Not near major grocery stores

Dining hall and gym

Plenty of study spaces
Popular Union Square location
Consistently good-sized rooms

Very large floors

No keys; you use your ID to get in (also a pro!)
Lots of traffic in the building due to popular facilities

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