Not too late to apply! —CAS Sophomore Cohort President

The Cohort President position is an opportunity for interested rising sophomores to take more of a leadership role within their cohorts, and within the CAS community as a whole. Cohort Presidents will plan activities, work with faculty, and work with their peers to continue building a strong sense of community within the cohorts, within the College of Arts and Science, and within NYU.
casleaderThe Cohort President will be responsible for planning at least two activities during each semester of the sophomore year, with a $500 budget to aid in this planning.

Work with other Cohort Presidents to form three committees based on the three pillars: College Life, Academic Inquiry, and Service. Each committee will be responsible for organizing one event each semester, for a total of six class-wide activities throughout the year.

A large part of this opportunity will also be leadership development. The CCP Leadership Team will hold two half-day mandatory leadership trainings that all Cohort Presidents must attend. These trainings will help Cohort Presidents learn how to effectively organize their cohort-specific activities as well as the class-wide events.

Additionally, each committee will be advised by three members from the CCP Leadership Team in order to provide guidance as they plan their events.

Click here for more details on the role and to apply today!
Applications are due no later than Monday, April 15th at noon.
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