Third North’s Annual Identity Series: Check it out during Ally Week!

Check out Third North’s Annual Identity Series! EACH DAY is an exploration of your identity, an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, and broaden your horizons.
No, it’s not like a class. And no, it’s not boring!
There will be AWESOME prizes, food, fun activities and more!! 
The week’s schedule is…
Sunday, April 14th:
Project Pay Attention/Photoshoot and Mean Girls 101
Monday, April 15th:
Guess the Straight Person and Big Gay Ice Cream!
Tuesday, April 16th:
The Blue Eye Project and Artichoke Pizza
Wednesday, April 17th:
She’s the Man: Gender Roles in Society
Thursday, April 18th:
Campaign, Cupcakes and Cookies!!!
Friday, April 19th:
BE FIT, BE WELL, BE ALL YOU CAN BE: A day of mental and physical wellness. – S’mac with a Catch, Zumba, Backrubs, and raffles!
Saturday, April 20th:
Missed an event this week? Come get info on everything we talked about and watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show!
Every event will be held in Third North’s C3 Level
Check out the Facebook Page for more details!!
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