Pi Beta Phi Inaugral Mini-Golf Tournament!

On behalf of FIJI and Pi Beta Phi, we would like to invite Founders to our Inaugural Miniature Golf Tournament on October 17th at 7pm at Pier 25 Mini Golf at Hudson River Park! All the proceeds from the event will be donated to the USO and Pi Beta Phi Foundation’s Literacy Fund which helps children in need get books, school supplies, and tutoring services to create a more literate society. Entry fees are $50 per team of 4 ($12.50 a person) or $15 for a single player to be placed on a random team
Teams from all parts of the NYU Community have already pledged to play and we would love to see representation from more of the NYU Residence Hall Members! While living in Third North and Alumni Hall, I was always loved all of the cosponsored events that IRHC coordinated for the residence. We would love if you would consider sponsoring a few teams from your residence hall to come play in our Mini Golf Tournament later this month. 
To view our Facebook event please click here or feel free to get in contact with Kathleen Meriano by email (cm2766@nyu.edu). 
Thank you for your time and consideration. We all hope to see you on the 17th! 


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