IMPORTANT: Information about Holiday Decorations

With the holidays approaching, we are entering the time of year when our
employees and students enjoy installing decorations 

throughout our
facilities help to enhance the fun and express the joy of the fall and
winter holidays.  We encourage everyone to enjoy this festive time in
ways that will also ensure the safety of our community and that comply
with all applicable building codes.  Please help us to ensure a safe
holiday season by observing these rules for holiday decorations in all
University facilities.

Please be aware that Section FC 804: Decorative Vegetation of the New
York City Fire Code (Effective date July 1, 2008) prohibits cut
natural trees or natural decorative greens from being installed or
displayed in any of our buildings.  This includes all student housing
facilities and common areas of faculty residential facilities (cut
trees are permitted only in the individual dwelling units in the
faculty residential facilities).  Please be aware that our failure to
follow the requirements of this code may subject the University to
Notices of Violation issued by the Department of Buildings and/or the
Fire Department of New York.  Additional code requirements that apply

–  Lighting devices using open flame or high heat, such as candles,
lanterns, oil lamps, etc., are prohibited.

–  Electric light sets must bear the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) label.

–  Electrical outlets should not be overloaded.

–  The use of extension cords is prohibited.

–  Do not block or obstruct exits, paths to exits, or exit lights.

–  Do not block or obstruct fire extinguishers, fire alarms or other
fire safety equipment.

–  Artificial trees/decorations must be fire-resistant or
flame-retardant.  Documentation must be available if requested by the
Fire Department; this can simply be the box the artificial tree or
garland came in.

–  Materials that cannot be flame-proofed may not be used for
decorations under any circumstances.

Having said all of this, we at Founders, as well as the entire NYU Community, wish you all Happy Holidays and a Great New Year! Celebrate safely and have fun!

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