NYU Dining Presents: Customer Appreciation Week!

Hi Founders! THIS week, NYU Dining is hosting Customer Appreciation Week!  This is the time of year when NYU Dining recognizes students’ loyalty and participation in all the programs, resources, and cuisine related opportunities that they organize for our community. NYU Dining will have a series of events all week long in all of NYU’s dining locations.  Here are a few, the full list will be posted on their website on tomorrow http://www.campusdish.com/en-US/CSE/NYU/TheScoop/UpcomingEvents.htm.

Below are a sampling of the offerings and events during Customer Appreciation Week! Be sure to take advantage of these awesome NYU Dining Programs!

 Henna artist at Palladium courtesy of Café spice Dec. 5th

          Daily gift basket giveaways in Weinstein Passport

          Free cookies with any purchase in Burger Studio Dec. 5th 5-9pm

          Smores at 3rd North Dec. 2  (dinner)

         Chicken and Waffles in Kimmel Dec. 4th

         Redbull’s Wingsteam Car at Hayden giving away free product Dec. 3rd 12-1pm

          Instagram Cookie Decorating Contest at Hayden Dec. 4th for a chance to win a gift card and a box of Hayden Cookie

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