Founders Hall Floor Cup: Instructions and Overview!

Founders! As many of you know we are hosting the inaugural Founders Hall Floor Cup this year! This is an inter-floor competition in which you can earn points for yourself and your floor by attending special all-hall programs and using social media while doing so! The floor with the most points at the end of the competition will win a very special, and nice, prize for their floor! Please see below for information regarding the rules of the Floor Cup!

1) Look out for this image on flyers and posters! Whenever you see this image on a flyer or a poster, it means that program related to that advertising is part of the Floor Cup. Attending these programs will earn you and your floor points proportional to the number of Cup Logos on the advertising. For example, a poster with three Cups is worth three points!cupLogo

2) USE SOCIAL MEDIA! In addition to attending programs with Cup Logos you can use social media to earn points during the Floor Cup! When you attend a Cup program, simply take a picture of yourself at the program. Then you can Tweet the picture to @lostandfounders and/or post it to the Founders Hall Facebook Group ( Each use of social media will earn you and your floor one point. So for example, if you Tweet and FB the same event you will earn two points. NOTE: WHEN YOU POST TO TWITTER AND FB PLEASE USE YOUR FULL REAL NAME AND FLOOR YOU LIVE ON. This will allow us to keep track of points in an orderly manner. If you have any questions about the use of social media during the Floor Cup be sure to email RA Sam:

3) Spread the word! Make sure to tell your other friends and floor mates in Founders about the Floor Cup! As the word spreads, you and your floor will have a better chance of becoming champions! Good luck, everyone!

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