“Saving Private Buildings”

Americans have always equated the concept of a new building as a better building.  But replacing buildings is a great strain on the planet creating a large portion of the world’s carbon footprint.  And, an all new environment does seem sterile.  We need a mixture of the new and the old.  But saving buildings is not easy.  Little David battling a large Goliath of real estate interests.  But, local preservationists win battles and an old but refreshed site can be more of an economic force than an all new building.

Come listen to Dr. Wayde Brown of Atlanta and FFiR Mosette Broderick of New York talk about battles they have withstood.

Followed by FREE supper for the first 10 to sign up.

Date & Time: Wednesday, March 5th from 6-8pm
Location: Third North C-3 Mini-Theatre

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