Check-Out Information

All residents are scheduled to check out 24 hours after their last final, not on the last day of housing which is 5/22/13. Do not get the two dates confused. We can check your finals schedule and bill you $100 for every 12 hours that you are here after your last final. If you have already purchased a plane ticket which leaves after the day you are supposed to check out, email me immediately at I will not make exceptions for anyone whose flights were booked after 4/1/13. Residents, share this information with your roommates and friends in the building. Call your parents and let them know how check out is working. We have to prepare the rooms for the incoming summer residents and expect that you will help out by abiding by the rules.


For those of you with Summer Housing Assignments, you can stay until your summer room is ready. But you must be available to move when your room is ready. Being away or at home will delay the process and may result in a charge if we cannot prepare the needed room you will be occupying.
For those of you whose are checking out past the 24 hour deadline, if you are leaving during the week of 5/13 through 5/19 do not worry about emailing me. Just fill out the check out link that was sent to you by housing. Everyone else, email me with a very good reason; such as, “My parents purchased my ticket in January, I attached the itinerary”.
For those of you with finals on May 21st, you must check out no later than 12pm on May 22nd. Email me your syllabus, Professor’s Name, and class if this is the case. For those sending incorrect information, you will be billed from the date of your last final.
Checking Out while the RC is Closed? Have your room inspected during the day, fill out the express check out envelope, place your keys and sticker inside, and place it in the After Hours Check Out Box by the Resource Center.
Good luck on your Finals and have safe trips home!
Thank you,
Jerry Roman
Founders Hall Resource Manager

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