Looking for some more information about Founders? Here’s everything you need to know!

2011 – 2012 Residence Life and Housing Services Staff

Residence Hall Director (RHD):

Nekesa Straker (ncs2@nyu.edu OR 212-998-4918) is the Residence Hall Director (RHD). She provides oversight for all aspects of community development and administrative operations in the Hall.  She works closely with the in-hall staff, Public Safety Officers, Facilities staff, and the central Residence Life and Housing Services office to create a safe and inclusive community that supports and enriches the student experience. She can be reached between the hours of 9AM – 5PM, Monday – Friday or by appointment in the Residence Life Office located on the First Floor.

Residence Hall Assistant Director (RHAD):

Leydi Gisell Rofman (leydi.ortiz@nyu.edu OR 212-998-4917) is the Residence Hall Assistant Director (RHAD). She supports community development, programming, student conduct, and leadership opportunities in the hall.  Leydi works very closely with the Resident Assistant staff and serves as advisor to the Founders Hall Council. She can be reached between the hours of 10AM – 4PM, Monday – Friday or by appointment in the Residence Life Office located on the First Floor.

Residence Hall Resource Manager (RHRM):

Jerry Roman (jerryroman@nyue.edu OR 212-443-4390) is the Residence Hall Resource Manager (RHRM). He supports the operational and administrative aspects of the hall.  Jerry handles room assignments, works closely with our Facilities Staff to address physical building concerns, and manages the Founders Resource Center located in our lobby. The RHRM works closely with the Resource Center Assistant (RCA) who assists with the daily operations at the Resource Center. The RHRM can be reached between the hours of 10AM – 6PM, Monday – Friday at the Resource Center located on the 1st Floor.

Resident Assistants (RA):

In addition to professional staff, Founders is also staffed by 25 Resident Assistants (RA). An RA is a NYU student who serves as a peer-counselor, resource and referral, advocate, policy enforcer, programmer and group leader. There is an RA located on each floor throughout the building and their contact information can be found on bulletin boards on each floor. RAs are also on duty each night from 5PM – 9AM for emergencies and can be contacted via Public Safety (212-995-3849).


The Resource Center is located in the lobby and is open 7 days a week from 10AM – 10PM. The desk is staffed by full-time professional staff and part-time student workers. The Resource Center is your one-stop shop for mail, DVDs and equipment rentals, programming initiatives, and general inquiries about life in Founders.  Each RC is staffed by the RHRM Office Assistants (OAS) and (RAS).  In addition, they can help answer any facilities related question you may have. The phone number for the Resource Center is 212-443-4390. See the Resource Center tab for more information.

Public Safety

Founders is protected 24 hours a day by NYU Public Safety Officers. They are here to ensure the safety of the entire residence hall. In order to keep Founders Hall safe, ALL residents MUST present their NYU ID (bearing the Founders Hall sticker) EVERY TIME upon entering the building. All residents must get a permanent NYU photo ID within ONE week of arrival. Founders Hall Public Safety can be reached at 212-995-3849. For all other emergencies Public Safety can be reached at 212-998-2222.

Laundry Facilities

A laundry room is available to all residents 24 hours a day, located on the 2nd floor. Students must add campus cash to their NYU ID card, in order to use the laundry machines. Campus cash machines can be found throughout campus OR you can add money online at http://www.nyu.edu/nyucard. All washers and dryers are $1.00. Each wash cycle lasts approximately 45 minutes and dryers 60 minutes. Please remember to monitor your laundry as Founders is not responsible for lost or stolen clothing.

Trash and Recycling

Trash chutes and recycling bins are located on EACH floor of the building. Please bag all trash and toss it down the chute. Do NOT leave trash in the hallway.  Do NOT throw large items down the chutes as this will cause clogs. Instead, place all large items by the trash chutes. Each room also has detailed information on what can be recycled, which container it should go in, etc. Please play VERY close attention to the recycling information.


Your address is:

120 E. 12th Street # ______ (A or B depending on bedroom)

New York, NY 10003

Do not address mail to “Founders Hall” or “New York University” as this will DELAY your mail from the Post Office. If you have a package, you will be notified via email. Packages can be picked up ONLY when the Resource Center is open.

Telephone Service

Basic telephone service is provided and available upon check-in. There is no installation fee, sign-up charge or deposit. Your phone number and voicemail information can be found with your other check-in materials. Residents must supply their own phones. On-campus calls, local calls, call-waiting and three-way calling are free. Long-distance service is available with an individually assigned Personal Security Code and Information can be found by contacting NYU Office of Telecommunications at 212-443-1221.

Pest Control

In order to control unwanted pests, residents should empty rooms of all food and garbage on a daily basis. While cockroaches and mice are a fact of life in NYC, you can help to control their presence by eliminating what attracts them. If you do encounter pests, place a Service Request immediately at the Resource Center for the exterminator to visit your room.


There are three lounges located on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors. The 2nd floor lounge is a quiet study lounge with 5 MAC computers and a printer. Students must bring their own paper in order to print. The 3rd floor lounge is a social lounge with a flat screen TV, DVD player, fooseball table, vending machines, couches and tables. The 4th floor lounge is a social lounge with a flat screen TV, DVD player, couches and tables. This lounge is used for Hall Council, RA staff meetings, and other gatherings. Both the 3rd floor and 4th floor lounges can be reserved for events by contacting the Resource Center.


Each apartment is equipped with a heat and air conditioning unit. There is a latch on top of the unit where the controls are located. You have the options of turning the unit on “Fan Lo”, “Fan Med” or “Fan Hi”. To ensure that it works properly, DO NOT place items on top of the unit covering the vents or items near the air intake at the base of the unit. Please keep all furniture at least 3 feet away from the units and please pay close attention to the instruction on the units.


NYU Campus Cable is available to all residents and is included in the cost of housing. A cable wire and TV are required to connect. For more information on campus cable and a list of channels, please go to http://www.nyu.edu/campuscable.


Students may not copy or loan out keys. If you misplace your keys, you may obtain a loaner key from the Resource Center by leaving your ID card and signing them out. Loaner keys may be kept no longer than 15 minutes. Each lockout that occurs when the Resource Center is closed will be accompanied by a $20 charge to be paid by check or money order. If you lose your keys, please contact the Resource Center.  You will be charged a fee and may be required to pay for a lock change. If your key is stolen, please notify Public Safety.

Maintenance and service requests

The Facilities Staff works hard to keep up with your repair and maintenance requests. If you discover an issue, please fill out a service request ASAP to prevent further damage. Service requests can be performed by going to: http://www.nyu.edu/fcm and submitting a work request. You can also call at 212-998-1001. If you have any questions, please contact the Resource Center.

Any other questions? Shoot an email to foundershallstaff@gmail.com