Cheap Eats

NYU Cheap Eats!

more Mmm… for your $

2 Brothers Pizza

32 St. Marks Place

  • Best $1 pizza in New York
  • Open late everyday
  • Accept cash only

The Hummus Place

99 MacDougal Street

  • Known for delicious hummus, served warm
  • Serve generous portions
  • Accept campus cash


119 MacDougal Street

  • Best tasting falafel around campus
  • Also serve great baklavah
  • Open until 5AM

 The Dosa Man

Washington Square Park and Sullivan Street

  • Serve South Indian rice crepes
  • Downright lovable service
  • Very vegan friendly
  • Everything $5 or less


 163 Bleecker Street

  • Chinese takeout popular among NYU students
  • Cheap lunch specials and large serving sizes
  • Speedy delivery

Papaya Dog

333 6th Avenue

  • $1.25 hot dogs!
  • Rivalry for title of “best hot dog” with Gray’s Papaya

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